Dream Team

Why Jack Elkington and his Penhurst colleagues have the perfect office space solution for you in Tunbridge Wells

Covid has changed how we work and Penhurst Properties knows this only too well. Eileen Leahy meets its founder and CEO John Elkington to discuss how its premium new office rental space, overseen by his son Jack, can benefit all kinds of businesses. And they also reveal their family’s fascinating history with the local area.

Over the past 18 months much of life as we know it has changed due to coronavirus, but one of the most seismic shifts has been the transformation of the traditional Monday to Friday, 9-5 working pattern. 

Prior to March 2020 most of us were expected to be at our desks in an office for the duration of the working week – usually after a long commute. But when the first lockdown was announced and we were suddenly given permission to work from home, things changed rapidly. 

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