Creating and Maintaining Office Aesthetic: Designing with five senses in mind

The average individual spends around ninety thousand[1] hours of their lifetime at the workplace, so it makes sense to invest in the environment that you spend the majority of your time within. We’ve curated a few pointers to help you move in the right direction, and assist you in creating a successful, aesthetically pleasing work space.

Creating spaces that focus on all of the senses could lead to innovative office strategies that are not only engaging, but economical as well.


When executed well, your choice of colour combinations can really enhance the atmosphere in your office.

An example of a successful choice of colour palette (very popular amongst our tenants) consisted of a bright orange hue contrasting against all neutral décor. The bright orange is very exuberant, arousing feelings of exhilaration, enthusiasm, and warmth. This is successful as the orange pops against the neutral palette already present and is known to promote productivity and happiness (ideal for a work environment). In fact, warm colours are typically more successful, as opposed to cold colours. Other known effective colour palettes within a work environment (when implemented correctly) include: blue, red, green and yellow.

An exceptionally popular colour to avoid is Grey. This colour tends to induce sad and deep emotional feelings, which when put within a working environment is obviously a state of mind you would like to stay clear of.


One of the less thought about senses in office design is Touch.

Touch and texture go hand in hand with warmth and comfort when considering design. Setting up a workspace properly is crucial for workflow. Designing for sense of touch is highly important because we are in constant contact with the world around us. Typically when we see something we like the first thing we want to do is touch it.

It is no surprise to hear that the more organised and put together the space is the more focused your mind will be.

Clutter and mess around you is distracting and the last thing you need on your mind. Setting up an aesthetically pleasing space is essential to success.

When we walk across a carpet our sense of touch can inform us if it plush or flat. We can also tell if a chair is comfortable after sitting in it for just a few moments. Consider having a range of soft and hard seating to satisfy comfort and practicality. The key is to have balance, try to equal out hard surfaces with soft, rough and smooth.


When designing an office, it’s more than meets the eye. You need to consider all five senses, especially sense of smell. Why not try and incorporate a reed diffuser or room spray into your office to create your own signature scent? This will enhance the experience that you and/or your clients encounter when stepping foot into your workspace. Sense of smell is the closest linked to memory. Smell is also responsible for up to seventy five percent of the emotions we experience on a daily basis.

Adding plants to your work environment can have many health benefits (unless faux of course), as well as brightening up your office. The difference in size and species of plants in this office provides a really beautiful contrast.  At Lonsdale Gate we have a fresh flower delivery which brings a new smell and contrast of colours each week.


Sense of sound is one of the most thought about senses in the workplace. During the pandemic the rise of the “Hot desk” and “Open” office space has boomed, so it is important now more than ever that the issue of noise is dealt with effectively. Fun fact: Once distracted it can take up to twenty minutes to regain full concentration.

Designers are using various acoustic solutions to combat this. Some creative ideas are meeting pods, panelling and soft furnishing to soak up the noise.

Look at this company for some innovative solutions: The Meeting Pod Company – Modern, acoustic Office Pod


When considering the design of an office sense of taste is not usually one that springs to mind. None the less food and drink can play a big role when trying to create a sense of community in the workplace. One way we have aided this at Lonsdale Gate is to provide fully equipped kitchens for the tenants. Healthy eating helps to promote a sense of wellbeing and aids concentration.

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