Vision to Reality with Samantha Knight: Designing Lonsdale Gate

It’s hard to imagine that just 7 months ago, Lonsdale Gate was a mere fantasy. Samantha Knight, of Samantha Knight Design, is the sole woman responsible for bringing this creation to life. I was lucky enough to secure 5 minutes of her time, to discuss the process of turning vision into reality with Lonsdale Gate.

What was most rewarding when designing the centre?

It was satisfying to bring a beautiful heritage building back to its former glory and modernise it for the enjoyment and wellbeing of those working inside. It is a joy to see office tenants thrive in the environment the team has designed. A well curated working environment can have such a positive effect on a successful working day.

What is your favourite section of the centre and why?

The reception space. It was my favourite part of the design as it sets the tone for the rest of the centre.

Is there anything you would have changed? Is it close to what you expected?

The reception is exactly how I imagined and the end result matches very closely to the render we did of the space in the early stages. A very smart environment designed for success. Dedication from the Penhurst team and third parties made the dream a reality!

Do you have anything else to add?

I would love to have my own office in the space one day soon! In my opinion it really is the smartest and best organised business centre in Tunbridge Wells.

If you are interested in high quality, serviced office space in the heart of Tunbridge Wells – please do not hesitate to contact our Business Centre Manager Saskia via email ( or telephone (01892 354 090).