Making moving easy: a checklist

Congratulations – you’ve found new office space! Here at Lonsdale Gate, our job is to ensure a stress-free transition when moving into your new office space. To make things even easier, we’ve curated a re-location checklist.


First things first: you need to establish a suitable moving date. When this has been agreed, you have time to put together a schedule to tend to each aspect of moving office and, in turn, reduce stress!


Decide how you are going to move your equipment. Will you book a removals company or use company or personal vehicles?


Things to consider prior to moving in:

  • Grab your keys – as soon as your deposit and first month’s rent is paid, we will provide you with your key and fob for the business centre. As this is done prior to your move, it allows time for you to measure up and set up your office ahead of moving day.
  • Distribute individual keys (optional) and fobs to staff.
  • Return keys and fobs from your previous workplace.
  • Choose your furniture. With office pricing inclusive of furniture, you are able to choose from a variety of options of desks, chairs and wastepaper bins. All you need to do is wait and we’ll sort out the hard part of building and installing.
  • Installing and testing IT equipment.
  • Installing and testing telephone lines.
  • Update business literature (e.g. email signatures, business cards and the company website) with new contact details.
  • Do remember to send a change of address notification to your:
    • Existing clients and partners.
    • Regularly used online companies such as Amazon.
    • Bank(s).
    • Telephone service provider.
    • Insurance company.
    • Internet provider.
  • Consider creating a list of extensions to contact colleagues and reception. If you’ve opted for the handset option, your telephone handset will be ready in your new office. We will provide you with the extension numbers for your team and for our reception team.
  • Double check all invoices and payments have been altered to accommodate for your change of address.
  • Consider planning a networking event to put your business on the map and make a statement.
  • Consider creating a branded welcome pack for each employee and placing it on their desk.

If you need help or advice on any of the above concepts, please do not hesitate to talk to Saskia or Ellen.