Samantha Knight: Designing a Space Where Work Feels Like Home

Samantha Knight a celebrated designer highlighted in AD and a Director at Penhurst, brings a unique perspective to her work. She not only designs but also immerses herself in the role of a tenant at the Lonsdale Gate Business Centre in Tunbridge Wells. In this interview, Samantha shares her insights into the synergy between design, management and user experience, shedding light on what makes Lonsdale Gate a standout business centre.

Samantha, could you start by sharing a bit about your background and your journey as a renowned designer and Penhurst’s director? 

I began my career designing the interiors for heritage properties in central London before starting my own business in the residential market at the age of 30. Penhurst is an inspiring property company and it was a huge privilege to be asked to sit on the Board as a Director.

It’s quite unique that you were not only the designer but also a tenant of the Lonsdale Gate Business Centre.  What were the key takeaways from your summer as a tenant in terms of understanding the synergy between design, management and the user experience in a business centre?

Lonsdale Gate Business Centre in Tunbridge Wells is a great asset to our business. The interiors instantly impress and the space is welcoming, warm and professional yet friendly. Our experience was very positive and the management looked after me very well. The building is one of the best in Tunbridge Wells and from an architectural and interior perspective it fits with us and our client’s expectations of a smart office environment. My team and I loved the whole package the business centre offers – especially the addition of the new breakout room which offers a refreshing dynamic to the traditional office set up.

Can you share your inspiration and vision behind the design of Lonsdale Gate Business Centre and, in particular, the business lounge?

It was a huge honour and responsibility to be asked to design the reception at Lonsdale Gate. In my opinion an interior has a profound effect on ones enjoyment and first impressions of a space so I drew inspiration from spaces which were smart but allowed visitors to feel at home. I wanted to strike the right balance between a professional environment, luxury and comfort; the type of instant feeling you might get when you walk into a smart hotel lobby.

The business lounge is a contrast to the reception and meetings rooms. This is a space where you can kick back, read the morning paper, make a coffee or take a phone call. I think it is important to have a space which instils relaxation, even in a work environment.

In your opinion, what sets the Lonsdale Gate Business Centre and the business lounge apart from other similar spaces in the area in terms of design and functionality?

Simply put, it feels like home! The furniture is comforting, the space allows for an informal social gathering and the drinks fridge and coffee making station encourages you to relax during a busy day. It is built for the busy executive to take some time out and relax during the rush of a normal day.

Can you share any upcoming projects or design ideas you have in mind for Lonsdale Gate or other ventures that you’re involved in? 

There are always new and exciting things happening at Lonsdale Gate and within Penhurst! I guess your followers will have to check back here for more updates once we have some news….

In this conversation with Samantha Knight, we get a glimpse into her journey as a designer and her unique perspective as both the creator and tenant of the Lonsdale Gate Business Centre. Her commitment to creating a space that balances professionalism with comfort and relaxation has made Lonsdale Gate stand out in the world of business centres. We look forward to seeing what exciting projects Samantha and the Penhurst team have in store for the future.