LR Shelby: Elevating Excellence at Lonsdale Gate Business Centre

In an exclusive interview with LR Shelby , we explore their journey as a successful business operating from the prestigious Lonsdale Gate Business Centre in Tunbridge Wells. With their proven track record and expansion into new areas of expertise, LR Shelby epitomises excellence in the property maintenance and interior styling industry.

Could you please provide an overview of LR Shelby, highlighting your core values, mission, and areas of expertise in the industry?

At LR Shelby, we are guided by our unwavering core values of quality, safety, integrity, accountability, innovation and community. Our mission is clear: to provide top-notch, responsive and skilled multi-trade services, complemented by exceptional customer service coordinators at no additional cost. Our expertise lies in serving B2B clients, including facilities management companies and developers, with services ranging from after-sales preparation and snagging to project management and comprehensive property maintenance. Additionally, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our services into the realm of interior styling, catering to both residential and commercial clients.


What prompted this expansion, and what unique approach or services does LR Shelby offer in these areas?

Our in-house stylist qualified in Professional Interior Design last year, and with the business going from strength to strength in such a volatile market, there couldn’t be a better time to get started than right now.

Our unique selling point is that we have a highly skilled team of in-house multi trades, available to carry out any required works, should they be required. This is provided with our Project Management add-on. We also have a range of trade accounts readily available, to ensure we can stay as competitive as possible.

Our packages range from Bronze to Gold, allowing the customer to have as much or as little input as they require – our packages can be moulded to each customer’s requirements. Whether they are looking for initial inspiration to get themselves started, or whether they are looking for assistance from start to finish, we can assist.


Tunbridge Wells is known for its rich history and architectural charm. How does LR Shelby integrate the local aesthetic and character of Tunbridge Wells into its designs for homes and offices in the area?

The style of architecture for a property will always be considered in the design process, with historical elements provided as options to the client. However, ultimately it is up to them to decide on whether they’d like this aspect to be incorporated into the final design.

As an example, Tunbridge Wells architecture is predominantly Georgian, dotted with a few Victorian and Edwardian buildings. To stay in keeping with a Georgian building, you could incorporate muted pastel colour schemes, offset by a bold metal to provide a visually pleasing contrast. You could even style the interior with items that portray opulence and wealth such as damask fabrics or chandelier light fittings.


What inspired LR Shelby to choose Lonsdale Gate Business Centre as the location for its office? Could you share some insights into the benefits and advantages of having your office here?

Networking has been a huge advantage of being based in the business centre. We are keen to incorporate local businesses as much as possible, which is why we try to use local suppliers, particularly when staging homes and offices. Being based at Lonsdale Gate, we have developed good relationships with other trades in the building, which have and will continue to, come in handy with future lighting or bathroom projects.

Lonsdale Gate provides a great base for our business to operate from, due to its central location, allowing for an easy commute for all employees. We love that the offices are modern and a blank canvas – not to mention the luxurious meeting rooms, which are great when entertaining clients.


As LR Shelby continues to innovate and expand, what exciting projects or initiatives can we expect to see soon?

We can foresee 2024 being a year of growth and expansion, especially within our new Interior Styling division. You can expect to see some show home staging, with potential for us to dip our toes in property flipping and renovation. All projects will be featured on our Instagram/Facebook pages, so give us a follow and watch this space! @LRShelbyInteriors