The grind of working from home

More time in bed, spending less on lunch and zero travel time and costs are just some of the newfound benefits of working from home. But, and there is a but, now the reality of working from home is also apparent – and the cons are fast creeping up on many of us.

Working from home sounded blissful before pandemic restrictions were forced upon us by Covid-19. It seems, though, that many of us are starting to think back nostalgically to a time when we went to the office.

Many of us realise that we now long for chats by the coffee machine, the hustle and bustle of the local café and the drive and boost gained from the office buzz. The loneliness and isolation of working from home is increasingly affecting the mental health of employees and business owners are feeling the impact of this mental strain within their businesses.

Many employees have found a significant decrease in the productivity, speed and quality of work produced by their staff working from home and are seeking to find alternative solutions for their workforce. This has increased the demand for flexible, fully serviced office space and the serviced offices sector has seen a steady boom in recent weeks.

Here at Penhurst we have three business centres which offer a variety of office sizes, with flexible agreement terms that can be tailored to meet your requirements. With highly efficient staff on hand to assist you from start to finish in this ever-changing working world, we can put your minds at ease with our established Covid-19 procedures.

To find out more about any of our centres or the facilities we can offer you and your business, please contact us on or 01732 783 500.