Take a breath at Calverley Grounds

Accessing green spaces on a regular basis is increasingly being regarded as important to health and wellbeing among office workers. So next time you feel like strolling out for a well-deserved break, take a visit to the beautiful Calverley Grounds. Located just a few steps away from Lonsdale Gate business centre it’s the perfect play for a stroll or al fresco lunch. This refined landscaped park of formal flower beds and elegant lawns is right in the centre of Royal Tunbridge Wells. It dates back to the early-1800s when it formed part of a Decimus Burton development called Calverley New Town. The historic grounds were opened to the public in the 1920s and are listed as a conservation area.

Today they are much used and enjoyed by everyone who lives or works nearby as they offer a welcome retreat from the bustle of the town. Take a seat on the topmost part and enjoy a view over the Tunbridge Wells skyline and stunning surrounding Kent countryside. You’ll also find there is a café onsite, serving snacks and refreshments for you to enjoy in the beautiful manicured surroundings. The planting is a sight to behold in the spring and summer months and has helped the park win several ‘In Bloom’ awards in the South East. The summer season is also when you will find a wide range of outdoor festivals and events on offer to visitors of all ages entertained.

For more information on the park visit Tunbridge Well’s tourist information pages.